All About the Purple Mattress

Good, quality sleep is crucial to an individual’s overall health, but too many people are sleeping on mattresses that do not support their bodies adequately. These individuals may like the idea of a foam mattress that will take pressure off of their joints while they sleep, but those mattresses are notorious for causing people to feel overheated. Read on to learn why the Purple Mattress may be the answer to this problem.

What is the Purple

The Purple Mattress is unique because they use a hyper-elastic polymer to make up the comfort layer of the mattress. The manufacturer states that this material is ultra-durable, non-toxic, and will never break down, meaning that the mattress will continue to remain comfortable for years to come. Due to the grid shape of the comfort layer, air is allowed to circulate in the mattress which helps to keep the sleepers comfortably cool all night long. Like memory foam mattresses, the Purple boasts that its comfort grid will flex under pressure so that the sleeper’s pressure points are relieved and supported. They state that sleepers should not experience pain in the morning.

Where to Learn More

Purple is a relatively new company, and so there are not as many reviews available as there are for other older mattress companies. However, click this link to read reviews from people who have tried out the Purple mattress for themselves. Read reviews both from professional mattress reviewers as well as everyday folks who are sleeping on the mattress each night.

Try It Out

The only real way to know if the Purple mattress is the right one for you is to try it out. Purple does not operate any brick and mortar stores, so there is no place to go and lay on a mattress. Like many online-only mattress companies, Purple does offer an extensive in-home trial period for customers. Individuals can order a Purple mattress and then sleep on it for up to 100 nights to see if they find the mattress comfortable and enjoy better sleep. If an individual wishes to return the mattress, they simply need to contact the manufacturer within the 100 days to receive a shipping label and then they will be issued a refund once the company receives the mattress back.