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Steps You Should Follow During Kissing

In our day to day living, we show love in the following ways; giving service, kissing, using polite and kind words, volunteering, giving gifts and showing appreciation. In this article, we shall look at kissing. Kissing involves pressing your own lips against another person’s lips. Objects such as rosaries can also be kissed by pressing lips against them. Respect, devotion, friendship, romance, well wishes, greetings and peace can also be showed by using a kiss. The following are the major types of kisses; forehead kiss, French kiss, kiss on the hand, vampire kiss and earlobe kiss. In order to effectively show love and affection, you need to prepare for a kiss. The following are steps on how to kiss.

The first step in kissing is to give some hints. You should never use words in order to request for a kiss, but signs and signals are more effective. Looking at your partner’s lips shows that you are interested in kissing. A compliment about the lips is also effective. In order to have smooth lips, you should use a lip balm and drink a lot of water. Bad breath should be avoided by having some mints. In order to avoid spitting on your partner, please chew the gum in an appropriate manner.

Second, break the barrier. By breaking the barrier, you will be able to test the waters. A kiss on the hand on the cheek will be effective in testing the waters. If you partner reacts positively to the kiss, you should go ahead for the mouth kiss. In case your partner gives a negative reaction, you should not go farther.

The third step is to use some compliments. Compliments will ensure that you set the right mood. In case you give sincere and good compliments, your partner will be unable to resist your kiss. Find the best romantic ways of giving the compliments. Compliments will be ineffective if you use a high volume and a wrong tone. The following are some examples of good compliments; “Your smile looks good,” “You are attractive,” and “You have nice lips.”

The fourth step is to ask for a kiss by use of word of mouth but only if the first, second and third step have failed. If your hints and signs have not worked, go ahead and request for a kiss. You need to be conversant with polite ways of requesting for a kiss.

Finally, kiss your partner. In case you are given a go-ahead, you should not waste time but kiss your partner. In order to prove to your partner that you are a good kisser, please employ the best kissing methods. You should move closer, go for the kiss and react calmly after the kiss.

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